All You Need To Know About The Mortgage Payment And The Calculator

In any situation, people need to have a mortgage to fulfill their expenses related to everyday needs and other necessities of the life. Have you ever taken a mortgage? Possibly, yes! Still, if you do not have an idea what the mortgage is, how it can be calculated, or how can you pay, then you have come to the right place. Here, you are going to know about the mortgage payment, the process used to calculate the mortgage payment and the tool used to calculate it. So, let’s begin:

Introduction to the mortgage!

A mortgage is defined as a debt, in which the borrowers give the lender a lien on their asset or property as security for the loan repayment. You can get a wide range of mortgages according to the amount of the money and for what purpose you need the money. Apart from that, there are also numerous repayment plan options available to the borrowers. The repayment plans are paralleled installments on a monthly basis that you as a borrower needs to pay towards the mortgage’s repayment. When it comes to calculating the payment of the mortgage, a number of things play a great role. It is important to take the term of the mortgage, the rate of the interest, and the amount of the mortgage into account.

There is a tendency to select the option for paying their mortgages in bimonthly, biweekly, or regular monthly payments. Let’s known the repayment options and how they can be calculated:

Biweekly mortgage payments

The first type is the mortgage payments to be paid on biweekly basis. Through this option, you will get a chance to make the payment in two parts like two times in a month. There is no need to pay the full amount at one time, instead you can pay half of your scheduled monthly mortgage payment after every 2 weeks. It will benefit you a lot. The major benefit is that the borrowers reimburse an amount that is equal to 13 monthly payments by the year’s end rather than the usual twelve. It states that if you opt to this mortgage payment method, then you will be able to pay the mortgages at a fast rate, and it will also help you in saving an amount of the money on the interest applied.

Regular monthly payments

The next type of the mortgage payment is the regular monthly installments. This payment amount can be calculated by dividing the loan’s total amount, which includes the interest as well, with the complete term of the mortgage. You will have to make the payment one time in a month to the company, where you have taken the mortgage, and the payment is the same for every month. It states that if you sign up with a 30-year term, then it is important to make 360 payments on a month-to-month basis.

Bimonthly mortgage payment plans

This type of mortgage payment plan consists of the terms and conditions that are present in both biweekly and regular plans. In this plan, the regular amount of the payment is divided into half and the mortgage payment is made two times every month. There is one thing that people dislike about it is that they offer the mortgages to be paid only one month in advance. You can also get a chance to make extra payment per month towards the principal of the debt.

Calculating the mortgage payment

Now, the next step to clear out is that how the mortgage payment is being calculated. Before knowing the tools used for performing this procedure, you will have to know about some essential factors to be taken into consideration when you are going to calculate the mortgage payments. Of course, there are a number of tools and apps online, which can support you with the task of performing the calculation what your mortgage payment on a monthly basis could be. As an informed buyer, you should know the factors that you cannot avoid at any cost while performing the mortgage payment’s calculation:

Principal amount

The first and foremost is the principal amount of the mortgage. It is defined as the actual price of your home or any other asset. Normally, the mortgage’s average term is 30 years. The actual price of the asset like home is divided by 30 and again by 12, supposing that you will be paying every month. Remember one thing that if you can included some extra cash every month towards the principal balance, then it will give you an advantage by reducing the overall amount you disburse over the lifecycle of the loan. The reason is that you are decreasing the amount, which the interest is added to.

Down payment

Down payment is another factor that affects your calculation. Understand the thing that the down payment cannot just go a long way to encourage the lender that you have an assigned interest in your asset, but you can also use it to lessen the overall backed principal amount.

Closing costs

At the time of the closure of the mortgage loan, some appraisal fees, closing costs, and other assorted fees should be taken into account. It happens very often in many cases. These costs can be trolled into your mortgage. From the context, it means that there is no need to think about paying them straight during the closure process.

Rate of interest

This term is defined as a part that will affect your monthly mortgage payment to a great extent. It is one of the largest portion-based factors that go towards paying the money on the loan. This is why a number of experts suggest you to get the best possible interest rate. You need to realize that just a few interest rate points can fluctuate the payment of the mortgage of several hundred dollars. In any case, if you are able to obtain an adjustable interest rate, then the monthly payment may vary from month to month.


This term belongs to the account of the mortgage. The mortgage escrow account is a kind of savings account, which will pay out for things such as homeowner insurance, and the property taxes. Through this term, the mortgage company has given a method to protect their interests in the property. It is all done by making sure that you have the method to pay for taxes and insurance.


It is described as Private Mortgage Insurance. It is needed by most of the mortgage lenders when there are credit matters and also a low down payment provided by the homebuyer. This kind of insurance safeguards the financial institution in any case if you are unable to pay the mortgage amount on time.
At the same time, the type of the loan and the number of years are other things that you must not avoid at any cost.

Calculation process

The calculation of the mortgage payment depends on the kind of the loan you have. The majority of the home loans are fixed rate loans. Like, the average 15 year or 30 year mortgages retain the same rate of the interest and also the monthly payment for the loan’s life. If you want to calculate the mortgage payment for these loans, then you should use the formula, which is as follows:

  • Loan payment = Amount divided by discount factor or simply P= A/D

After knowing the total interest you pay for the entire life of the lend, you can make a decision if you are willing to save money by paying extra every month, borrowing less, choosing a shorter-term loan and getting a lower interest rate.

Interest-only mortgage payment calculation formula

Using this formula will help you in calculating in an easy and quick manner. When it comes to calculating the loan payment with this formula, you do not essentially pay down the finance with every needed payment. In any case, this formula also assists you reduce your dent by paying extra per month. The formula is:

  • Mortgage payment= Amount X (Rate of interest/12)

Adjustable-rate loan payment calculation

This type of mortgage payment calculation is having the features like you can change the rate of the interest that result in a new monthly payment. If you wish to use this calculation process, then you need to do the below-mentioned things:
  • First of all, it is essential to know how many payments or months are left.
  • Next, you need to create a new schedule for amortization for the remaining time period.
  • Utilize the outstanding mortgage balance as a new amount.
  • Last but not the least, enter the future rate of interest.

These are some ways to compute the payment of the mortgage. Once you know the rate of interest and other things as well, you can decide whether or not to get the loan against your home.

Make use of the mortgage payment calculators

In order to simplify the process of calculation, there are mortgage payment calculators, which are known as the tools needed to perform this task and make a right decision for you. These calculators are programmed with the extemporized purpose of calculating mortgage payments. This is the main reason why they are known as mortgage payment calculators. The basic benefit of these calculators is that they are helpful to do the amortization schedules. You should know the thing that mortgage payment calculators have a different mechanism as compared to simple mortgage calculators. A simple calculator is only capable of computing the interest you will have to pay every month. When it comes to the mortgage payment calculators, they can also divide the principal based on the tenure of the mortgage. It calculates the payment in a manner that the payment is generally a sum of the fraction of the principal that needs to be paid in that month with the addition of the interest payable. Learn more about the mortgage payment calculators:

  • These are the automated tools, which have some exciting features. A mortgage payment calculator is the tool, which permits users to decide on the financial implications of modifications in one or more variables in the loan financing arrangement.
  • You can use the mortgage payment calculator to decide on the monthly repayments. Not only this, they are also used by the mortgage providers to regulate the financial suitability of a home mortgage applicant.
  • These calculators also have the capabilities that can easily do the calculations.

Mortgage payment calculators also depend on the factors that are needed for the calculation including loan principal, periodic compound interest rate, balance, the number of payments for every year, the regular payment amount, and the total number of payments. There are some other mortgage payment calculators that are complex in nature. These complex calculators also use other costs linked to the loan as well like the state and local taxes, as well as the insurance. You can find a plethora of mortgage payment calculators online.

Finding the mortgage payment calculator online

On the web, when you start your search for the best mortgage payment calculator, the options are many you will see online. Some of them are free calculators that do not charge you a penny for giving you the results after calculations. These free software programs and mortgage calculators offer mortgage and financial calculations. When you are going to buy a new home, a mortgage payment calculator will help you in finding the best rates of interest, reduced loan amount, and many other things that can be found out after the calculation.
A mortgage payment calculator works on the monthly payment formula, adjustable interest rates, and total interest paid formula, and a lot more. While choosing the best mortgage payment calculator, it is good to study the features of this tool prior to owning any of them whether you are getting it free or by paying some amount of money.

Ease the process now

Taking the help of the mortgage payment calculator will give you a chance to know how much you can afford to lend. All you need to do is to enter the interest rate and the loan term, and then adjust the principal amount until the calculator displays a monthly repayment equal to 1/3 of your after-tax income.

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